So yesterday was an eventful day. Was bumming about at home but needed to take something up the road. Got into my car, wasn’t paying attention, and crashed into the cement mixer that is being used to build our new extension. But I only crashed into the handle – so I poked a hole in the plastic red cover of the back light. Only a small hole – but its gonna cost £50 to repair. Great. So I’ve broken in my savings as I’m way too overdrawn to effectively use that account for anything but bills.

But the evening was good, went into London.

However, it was the first time I’d been in and used the Tube since the bombings – and I must admit I was a little apprehensive and found myself looking around at the other people on the carriage for any potential terrorists. But, they of course could be anyone.

As soon as we’d got on the first Underground train at Vauxhall the train stopped and there was a loudspeaker announcement that all trains had been grounded in their current stations due to a security alert at Highbury & Islington – the station where we were due to disembark!

Thankfully, it was just a scare and the train soon trundled along to its destination – but King’s Cross had encountered a similar scare and no trains were stopping there.

When we got off the train it was pouring with rain so we got soaked on the way to the theatre. But we got there in the end and got some nice seats at the top overlooking the stage. It was for a BBC Radio 4 show called Genius – hosted by Dave Gorman (one of my favourite comedians) and the guest was Stuart Lee, the guy behind Jerry Springer the Opera. It was very funny and even better – the tickets were free!

Got home fine in the end, no more scares on the Tube or trains.

So now I’m trying to fix a flat tyre on my bike but I can’t get the bloody back wheel off! Aaargh. Let’s hope the WD-40 did its magic.

Losing weight…


SO I’ve lost weight.

Half a stone..which is good. Since I joined the gym 3 months ago. I could have lost more, if I’d gone more, but exams and dissertation etc etc. its all excuses really.

Apparently I’m STILL overweight though – according to that silly Body Mass Index thing

Mum was incredibly interested in the fact that I’d lost weight.

Me> Mum, I’ve lost half a stone since I started going to the gym!
Mum> Yeah, empty the dishwasher.

Yeah, thanks Mum.

Graduated (woop)

So… I’ve finally graduated.

I had to wear an annoyingly hot suit, drive to Uxbridge, park, then get a tube with no windows, sweat my arse off and then walk in the searing heat to Wembley Conference Centre.

Nice place, by all accounts, but when I’d robed up I turned into a big sweatball. Plus as my school is the largest at my university it meant there were around 1000 students graduating which = uber long ceremony. plus, my degree wasnt until near the end so i just sat there getting very bored clapping EVERY student.

Even my dissertation supervisor won a teaching award… he was a good lecturer. but he could have given me better than a B for my dissertation. bastard.

First blog

Well, here’s my first exciting blog on this new MSN Spaces thingy… don’t know what to put apart from I’m going mad with my dissertation and keep getting distracted by eBay and Googlewhacking…